Bookmobile Visits Neighborhoods

Photographer: Shawn Patrick Ouellette

Photographer: Shawn Patrick Ouellette

I’m Your Neighbor, Portland is delighted by the arrival of The Portland Public Library’s Bookmobile!  Over the next year, we will be providing programming for the bookmobile using the Featured Books and hopefully giving these books away as part of the programming.

To help distribute free I’m Your Neighbor, Portland books to Portland readers, please consider Sponsoring Free Book Distribution.

Hear what The Portland Public Library has to say about the Bookmobile and neighborhoods:

“This is a critical development in the life of the Library and how we create a presence in each City neighborhood.  It is vitally important that we go to people – where they live, work and recreate – in order to accomplish our goal of creating a City of Readers!…

The bookmobile will target families, particularly those with young children, in neighborhoods that are not currently served by a branch of the Portland Public Library system, and will enable the Library to be a presence in all city neighborhoods.”

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