Bread Song

Bread SongBread Song
By Frederick J. Lipp and Illustrated by Jason Gaillard (Maine author)

In an old seaport, down a zigzag street, there are two little shops. One sells bread. The other sells food the way it is cooked in Thailand. The two shops are across the street from one another on Wharf Street. Everyone who works in Alison’s Bakery speaks English. Across the street, everyone who works in the restaurant speaks Thai.

Young Chamnan is new to this strange land. He feels shy about speaking to others in the difficult language that his grandfather is teaching him, until the day that Alison the baker invites him to witness something simply magical.

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Publisher: Mondo Publishing
Info: ISBN 9781593360009, Hardcover $15.95
Setting: Greater Portland, ME
Featured Community: Thai American, Caucasian American
Ages: 6-Adult
Theme: Commonalities

Discuss and Engage with the Bread Song Reader’s Guide.
Download PDF here

Reviews and Accolades
2006 Asian Pacific American Librarians Association Honor Picture Book

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