08/02/13: Ramadan Mubarak

176971418Ramadan Mubarak: A Holiday Celebration and Education For Families of All Faiths
An I’m Your Neighbor Event

Date: Friday, August 2nd
Time: 5:30-9:30 PM
Location: Rines Auditorium, Portland Public Library,
5 Monument Square, Portland, Maine
FMI: Curious City, 207-420-1126, kirsten@curiouscity.net
Featured Books: Out of Nowhere by Maria Padian and Moon Watchers: Shirin’s Ramadan Miracle by Reza Jalai and illustrated by Anne Sibley O’Brien
Featured Community: Iranian American, Muslim American, Franco American, Somali American
Theme: Traditions

102651183A series of activities for children and adults will include a demonstration of writing in Arabic, the application of henna, a Muslim prayer rug exhibit, and a talk by Reza Jalali about the Muslim faith in Maine.

Pious Ali of Maine Interfaith Alliance will host a panel with Reza Jalali (Moon Watchers), illustrator Anne Sibley O’Brien, Maria Padian (Out of Nowhere) and her cultural advisor Shobow Saban about how their knowledge of Islam grew through community relationships and research for their books.

At sundown, attendees of all faiths and backgrounds will break the fast with catered food from Iraqi restaurant, Tandoor Bread & Restaurant.

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