Moon Watchers

102651183Moon Watchers: Shirin’s Ramadan Miracle
By Reza Jalali and Illustrated by Anne Sibley O’Brien (Maine author and illustrator)

Moon Watchers offers an inside view of daily life in a modern Muslim family during Ramadan. Shirin and her older brother Ali have a history of not getting along, so when she discovers him sneaking food one afternoon during his Ramadan fast, she is tempted to tease him about his weakness. Instead of tattling, Shirin decides to mind her own business. She is determined to prove to her parents that she is ready to participate in this important rite of passage. Ultimately the little sister is surprised by a gift from her brother. Readers from all faiths will appreciate this universal story with its thought- provoking focus on family life.

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Publisher: Tilbury House (Maine)
Info: ISBN 9780884483212, Hardcover $16.95
Setting: Greater Portland, ME
Featured Community: Iranian American, Muslim American
Ages: 7-Adult
Theme: Traditions

Discuss and Engage with the Moon Watchers Reader’s Guide.
Download PDF here

Reviews & Accolades
Skipping Stones Honor Book, 2011
Maine Literary Award Finalist, Children’s Books, 2011

This moving picture book for older readers about a young Muslim girl and her family at Ramadan weaves together the traditional observance and its meaning with a lively drama of sibling rivalry…The unframed, intricately detailed, mixed-media illustrations show the siblings’ ugly standoffs (Shirin’s jealousy, Ali’s smugness), as well as the family at prayer, at the dinner table, and in warm close-ups. Along with the information about the holiday, there is a real story here: when Shirin helps Ali, it changes their relationship and reveals the meaning of the holiday.” –Hazel Rochman, Booklist

“…This book is perhaps most valuable as a lesson on Islam. Each practice and tradition is explained, but without disrupting the pace of the story. Non-Muslim readers will walk away with a more developed global perspective, Muslims will relate the tale to their own Ramadan experiences, and every young reader will identify with hearing that terrible phrase: ‘you’re too young.’” –ForeWord Reviews

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