Martin Luther King’s “Broader Concerns”

Maine Congressman Jon Hinck announced I’m Your Neighbor, Portland to the Portland community at the Annual 32nd Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast Celebration with these words:

2013_MLK_poster_obama_5-1“Portland will embark on a literary celebration of its unique diversity in 2013.  The Portland Public Library,  Portland children’s literature company, Curious City, and the NAACP will host a city-wide read of books set in Maine’s new arrival community.

In events from April to December, residents will be able to read, discuss, and celebrate the culture and stories of Maine’s refugees and new immigrants.  The I’m Your Neighbor, Portland city-wide read will include fiction, biography, and memoir for both children and adults.

You can see a list of those books in your program and many of those books are for sale today out in the lobby.  The Maine Humanities Council has provided the seed money for this groundbreaking literary and cultural event.  If you, your company, or your organization would like to participate in any way, please feel free to talk with me after the program or to visit the website listed in your program.

Martin Luther King Jr. said, ‘An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.’

I hope as readers and citizens you will participate in I’m Your Neighbor, Portland  and experience the ‘broader concerns’ of this magnificent city.”

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